What does tren do for you

Praise be to God and to Mary for answering my prayers for my uncle! I submitted an initial prayer request for my uncle back in January 2017. His stage 4 cancer had come back and the tumors were spreading really quickly in his neck. The doctors weren't even sure that he could do chemo, but his only hope was to do chemo so the tumors shrank enough so they could operate and remove them. The prayers from the MaryTv family worked, and he received news that they could proceed with the chemo. The chemo was effective, and they were able to proceed with the surgery. Then, last week, it was time for the major 8 hour surgery of removing the tumors and reconstructing his jaw and throat. He had a high risk of losing the ability to speak. I submitted another prayer request to our group to pray that he would have a successful surgery. Well, Jesus and Mary heard our prayers and answered them!! His surgery ended up only being 4 hours, even though they did everything they planned to do, and today he got the results of the biopsy and all of the aggressive tumors are benign. It's truly a miracle! Praise and thanks be to God, and thank you to our prayer group for praying for my uncle!! God is good!! My uncle is having a good recovery and is feeling so elated about the news that he's "Closer to free" which is the slogan of being cancer free that his hospital uses!!

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What does tren do for you

what does tren do for you


what does tren do for youwhat does tren do for youwhat does tren do for youwhat does tren do for youwhat does tren do for you